New York, NY: Paid Photo Archive Internship, Peter Angelo Simon Studio

Job Opening Title: Archive Internship for Photographer Peter Angelo Simon

Institution/Organization Name: Peter Angelo Simon Studio

Job Location (City, State, Province, Country): Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY

Application Deadline:

Link to job posting:

Years of experience required: 1

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: Archive Intern for Photographer Peter Angelo Simon
Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Part Time, $10/hr

Brooklyn photographer Peter Angelo Simon seeks an Archive Intern to continue an ongoing cataloging project for a diverse collection of photographic and personal materials in his Fort Greene studio. Physical materials include photographic prints, negatives, slides, photo contacts, family photographs, journals, letters, documents and tape cassettes.

The Archive Intern will be responsible for organizing Simon’s collection, which includes his photographic encounter with Muhammad Ali in 1974, as well as images from the Chelsea Hotel, the Big Apple Circus, New York City, Ireland, Mozambique, India and fine art photography. The intern will also continue established organizational standards for Simon’s family records, photographs, letters and journals, as part of a Personal Archive alongside Simon’s professional work.

This project requires a highly detail-oriented individual with hands-on experience in the archival, library or museum curatorial fields. The intern will work alongside Simon and his studio assistant, handle delicate materials, create spreadsheet databases for physical materials, reorganize prints and photographs, and communicate with Simon about the collection’s needs. The incoming intern will train with the current intern before continuing the work, and will upkeep the current organizational standards for the collection.

Other tasks:
Categorize materials by type, size, quality and topic across diverse mediums
Create careful catalog records, collection inventories and physical organization in the studio
Handle delicate materials with care
Use Google Sheets or Excel
Lift 40 lbs and work in a dusty environment

Experience working with archive, library or museum materials
Interest in archival or library fields
Interest in photography and/or art
Highly organized and methodical thinker
Independent and creative worker
Personable, respectful and responsible

To apply, email and CC with a resume and letter of interest. Selected applicant will have an orientation with the current intern in May/June before continuing the project.

See Peter Angelo Simon’s website for more:


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