Remote Work: PT Digital Cataloger, Crawford Media Services

Job Opening Title: Remote Digital Cataloguer

Institution/Organization Name: Crawford Media Services

Job Location (City, State, Province, Country): Remote

Application Deadline: 5/15/2017

Link to job posting:

Years of experience required:

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: Remote Digital Cataloguer

Crawford Media Services hosts large scale remote cataloging projects on their internal tagging tool called Metaforce. Client content ranges from entertainment and philanthropy to marketing consumer goods, and can consist of video, still photography and/or document formats.

This remote contractor position requires highly skilled, efficient and accurate cataloguers and auditors to work in a high volume, metric driven environment. This is a contract position paid by 1099, and is therefore available to those with a valid United States Social Security Number. Weekly hours can vary depending on project needs. During peak periods, contractors should be available to work between 20-25 hours per week. Following initial instruction, work will be available Fridays through Tuesdays, with strict deadlines that must be met.

Desired Qualifications:

Metadata Entry
– MLIS/MIS candidates or related professional experience in asset cataloging
– Descriptive cataloging experience and/or tagging expertise in a corporate environment
– Exhibit professionalism in executing cataloging standards, becoming socialized in the purpose and intent of the project, and works collaboratively with Crawford Admin Team
– Ability to be flexible in approach and exhibit an ease with the inevitable challenges with new technology, adaptive to managing multiple and shifting demands as project needs, expectations, and workflows change
– Ability to synthesize dynamic client-specific cataloging standards
– General understanding of metadata standards and best practices
-Produces extremely accurate work with efficiency and consistency
– Copy editing and/or QC/auditing work

Remote Work Requirements
– Remote working experience and/or an ability to perform independently, take initiative, anticipate project needs, and be a quick study
– Ability to problem solve and interpret standards in the spirit of the overall project guidelines as inevitable challenges arise in the workflow of any project
– Curious-minded by being enthusiastic, asking questions and providing suggestions for improvement in workflows
– Reliable in follow through on all communications in real-time, the timely completion project expectations, and the commitment to contractor’s proposed schedule
– Teachable in being open to learning, responsive to feedback, and follow directions
– Clear communicator in a virtual workspace with integrity and conciseness

Content Orientation
– Familiarity with, and/or an ability to identify popular culture content: musical performers, celebrities, events, and politicians, as well as cities, architecture, cars, fashion, animals
– Ability to quickly translate visual content into a precise written format based on client standards and requirements
– Strong research skills and the ability to target applicable reference sources for discovery

How to Apply:
In lieu of a resume submission, please review the FAQ page for further information on how to proceed:

Candidates must register and pass the online content and skills related quiz for consideration. Remote work is available in the immediate, and live screen share instruction sessions must be attended in order to advance through the process. Registration is open until May 15, 2017.

Project Requirements:
A personal and reliable computer with a fast Internet connection is required. In other words, Crawford Media Services does not supply any equipment or communication service credit or reimbursements toward the completion of the project.

For more information about Crawford Media Services Metaforce go to:


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